Teaching at UniBern


Our core teaching area is Galenical Pharmacy & Drug Delivery

Prof. Luciani and her team enjoy teaching! We deliver courses to Pharmacy students (but not only) at the Department of Chemistry, Biochemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences of the University of Bern.

Prof. Luciani is sole lecturer of the courses Galenical Pharmacy I and II for the 3rd year Pharmacy students (42 h/4.5 ECTS in the Fall semester and 42 h/4.5 ECTS in the Spring semester) and she is responsible for the Laboratory course of Galenical Pharmacy with Dr. Aleandri (144 h/6 ECTS in the Spring semester). 

Prof. Luciani and Dr. Aleandri are co-lecturers of the Master course “Drug Delivery and Drug Targeting” (14 h/1.5 ECTS in the Spring semester) offered to Master students of Chemistry, Pharmacy and Molecular Life Sciences.

More details (Intranet UniBern only) are available on KSL:

Course 453731 – Galenical Pharmacy I

Course 453745 – Galenical Pharmacy II

Course 453746 – Laboratory course Galenical Pharmacy

Course 468464 – Drug Delivery and Drug Targeting